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Book:The Second World War / Antony Beevor.:2012.:1st ed. The Second World War / Antony Beevor.
Author: Beevor, Antony 1946-
Publication year: 2012.
Language: English
Call Number D743 .B385 2012
Media class: Book
Edition: 1st ed.
Publisher: New York : Little, Brown and Co
ISBN: 9780316023740 0316023744
Maps on lining papers.
Additional information: xii, 863 p., [32] p. of plates : ill., maps ; 24 cm.
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Using the most up-to-date scholarship and research, and writing with clarity and compassion, the author assembles the whole picture of WWII in a gripping narrative that extends from the North Atlantic to the South Pacific, from the snowbound steppe to the North African Desert, to the Burmese jungle, SS Einsatzgruppen in the borderlands, Gulag prisoners drafted into punishment battalions, and to the unspeakable cruelties of the Sino-Japanese War.
Outbreak of war -- "The wholesale destruction of Poland" -- From phoney war to Blitzkrieg -- The dragon and the rising sun -- Norway and Denmark -- Onslaught in the West -- The fall of France -- Operation Sealion and the Battle of Britain -- Reverberations -- Hitler's Balkan war -- Africa and the Atlantic -- Barbarossa -- Rassenkrieg -- The "Grand Alliance" -- The battle for Moscow -- Pearl Harbor -- China and the Philippines -- War across the world -- Wannsee and the SS Archipelago -- Japanese occupation and the Battle of Midway -- Defeat in the desert -- Operation Blau-Barbarossa relaunched -- Fighting back in the Pacific -- Stalingrad -- Alamein and Torch -- Southern Russia and Tunisia -- Casablanca, Kharkov and Tunis -- Europe behind barbed wire -- The Battle of the Atlantic and strategic bombing -- The Pacific, China and Burma -- The Battle of Kursk -- From Sicily to Italy -- Ukraine and the Teheran Conference -- The Shoah by gas -- Italy : the hard underbelly -- The Soviet spring offensive -- The Pacific, China and Burma -- The spring of expectations -- Bagration and Normandy -- Berlin, Warsaw and Paris -- The Ichigō Offensive and Leyte -- Unrealized hopes -- The Ardennes and Athens -- From the Vistula to the Oder -- Philippines, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Tokyo raids -- Yalta, Dresden, Königsberg -- Americans on the Elbe -- The Berlin operation -- Cities of the dead -- The atomic bombs and the subjugation of Japan.


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