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Book:State building and conflict resolution in Colombia, 1986-1994 / Harvey F. Kline.:c1999. State building and conflict resolution in Colombia, 1986-1994 / Harvey F. Kline.
Author: Kline, Harvey F
Publication year: c1999.
Language: English
Call Number F2279 .K55 1999
Media class: Book
Publisher: Tuscaloosa : University of Alabama Press
ISBN: 9780817309435 0817309438
Additional information: xviii, 240 p. : map ; 24cm.
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During their presidencies, Virgilio Barco Vargas (1986-90) and César Gaviria Trujillo (1990-94) tried to end long-running armed disturbance by leftist guerrillas, narcotics traffickers, and paramilitary groups who were controlling many parts of Colombia. Their attempts to use peaceful means by indirect bargaining, changes to constitution to increase democracy, and modifications in judicial system to make it more effective to suppress the country's lawbreaking elements marked a strategic break with Colombia's reliance on force. Harvey Kline traveled to Colombia to collect data, researched printed sources unavailable in United States and interviewed government officials, politicians, and scholars to analyze strengths and weaknesses of state building through conflict resolution. He concludes that Barco's and Gaviria's efforts at conflict resolution were partially successful due to three major culprits: lack of a tradition of peaceful conflict resolution in the country; the increased possibilities of conflict with urbanization and modernization; and vast amount of money brought to the country by drug trade. Finding no significant improvement in lives of Colombians, Kline was pessimistic for Colombia--Publisher's description.
Preface -- 1. Introduction: Attempts at conflict resolution in Colombia, 1986-1994 -- 2. The historical context for bargaining : the weak Colombian state and the emergence of opposition -- The Virgilio Barco government, 1986-1990 -- 3. Barco's guerrilla policy -- 4. Barco's drug policy -- 5. Self-defense, private justice, and paramilitary groups : the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle -- The César Gaviria government, 1990-1994 -- 6. Negotiations between the government and the guerrilla groups -- 7. Gaviria's drug policy -- 8. The Gaviria policy for paramilitary groups -- 9. Changing the Colombian state : constitutional and judicial reforms -- 10. Conclusion: Assessment of success.


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