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Book:The Falklands conflict twenty years on : lessons for the future / edited by, Stephen Badsey, Rob Havers and Mark Grove.:2005. The Falklands conflict twenty years on : lessons for the future / edited by, Stephen Badsey, Rob Havers and Mark Grove.
Associated Name: Badsey, Stephen.
Associated Name: Havers, R. P. W. 1967-
Associated Name: Grove, Mark J.
Publication year: 2005.
Language: English
Call Number F3031.5 .F14 2005
Media class: Book
Publisher: LondonNew York : Frank Cass
ISBN: 0415350301
Papers presented at a conference held at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, June 2002.
Series title: Sandhurst conference series 5
Additional information: xxiii, 299 p. ; 24 cm.
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In April 1982 the military government of Argentina, under General Leopoldo Galtieri, invaded the Falkland Islands, British sovereign territory in the South Atlantic. This act precipitated a diplomatic crisis and consequent British military action, action that resulted in a short but intense conflict and led to Britain successfully reclaiming the islands. In June 2002, exactly twenty years after the cessation of hostilities between Britain and Argentina, many of the participants in the 'Falklands Conflict', as it became known, came together at a major international conference. This conference, held at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst and organized jointly by RMA Sandhurst and her sister institution Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, aimed to re-examine the events of spring 1982 from the perspective that only twenty intervening years can bring. The Conference mixed those who had participated in the events of spring and early summer 1982, diplomats, politicians, civil servants, soldiers, sailors and airmen, with historians, political scientists and journalists. The result was a fascinating discussion of the origins of the conflict, the political and diplomatic response to the Argentinean action as well as illuminating accounts of the military action to retake the islands, at every level of command. This edited volume brings together the various papers presented to the conference. These accounts and interpretations of the conflict shed new light on one of the most interesting and controversial episodes in recent British history.
A personal view / John (Sandy) Woodward -- The impact of the Falklands conflict on international affairs / Lawrence Freedman -- The geopolitics of the Falklands conflict / Geoffrey Sloan -- British high command during and after the Falklands campaign / Jonathon Band -- The Falklands conflict as a media war / Stephen Badsey -- A view from the centre / John Nott -- Crisis management and the assembly of the task force / Henry Leach -- An Argentinian airman in the South Atlantic / Horacio Mir Gonzalez -- Force projection and the Falklands conflict / Julian Thompson -- The land campaign : a company commander's perspective / J.P. Kiszely -- An experience with the Commando Logistic Regiment Royal Marines / I.J. Hellberg -- 'War cabinetry' : the political direction of the Falklands conflict / Peter Hennessy -- The United Nations Security Resolution 502 / Francis Toase -- 'The empire strikes back'? The Commonwealth response to the Falklands conflict / Edmund Yorke -- War culture : the Royal Navy and the Falklands conflict / Alastair Finlan -- The 'logistics miracle' of Ascension Island / Peter Hore -- Invoking Munich, expiating Suez : British leadership, historical analogy and the Falklands crisis / Paul Latawski -- The impact of the Falklands conflict on defence policy / Roger Jackling -- Strategic lessons from an idiosyncratic operation / Peter W. Gray -- Falklands conflict 1982, the air war : a new appraisal / Philip D. Grove -- The development of joint doctrine since the Falklands conflict / Jonathan Bailey, David Benest.


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