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Book:1945 : the war that never ended / Gregor Dallas.:c2005. 1945 : the war that never ended / Gregor Dallas.
Author: Dallas, Gregor
Publication year: c2005.
Language: English
Call Number D755.7 .D35 2005
Media class: Book
Publisher: New Haven : Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300109806 9780300109801
Additional information: xx, 739 p., [32] p. of plates : ill., maps ; 25 cm.
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"1945 is a multi-dimensional history of the end of World War II. Dallas narrates in detail the conflicts, contradictions, motives, and counter-motives that marked the end of the greatest military conflict in modern history and established lasting patterns of deceit, uncertainty, and distrust out of which the Cold War was born. Beginning with the siege of Berlin, Dallas describes the interactions of Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, Hitler, Zhukov, Truman, de Gaulle, Macmillan, along with others relatively unknown, portraying the interpenetration of the daily with the epochal, the obscure with the great political events taking place on the world stage. A narrative of diplomatic mistakes, military accidents, and the chaos inherent in human affairs,1945 draws the reader into a reflection on the basic shaping forces of history, the arbitrary ways we objectify its conflicts, and the subtle filaments that enmesh public events with private passions." -- Publisher description.
Berlin and the 'Southern Redoubt' -- The Holocaust and the Gulag -- Final solution: the finale -- Last days at Auschwitz -- Endings VE-days -- Signatures of surrender -- Celebrations and silences -- Britain repatriates the Cossacks -- 'Starvation corner' and the general election -- The smile of Truman -- 'Terminal' at Potsdam.
One flag, one shot, Berlin, 30 April 1945 -- Aamies beginnings -- Heartlands in the West -- Their saddest hour -- Heartlands in the East -- The pact and the periphery -- Partisans -- Coincidental deaths -- Coincidental battles: continent and periphery -- Terror in Poland -- Choice in France -- The French connection: terror and extermination -- Raffle is a game of chance -- Frenchmen and Poles, Poles and Frenchmen -- Movements French tempest -- Petain's plebiscite -- Petain's heir -- Le Quatorze Juillet -- Legitimacy: de Gaulle and the Communists -- Legitimacy: Poland and the Communists -- Legitimacy in Nazi Warsaw -- Invasion -- Monty -- Norman stalemate -- Eastern response -- Paris and Warsaw in summer waning tempest -- Warsaw's rising -- Military yo-yo -- Emigrant armies -- Maczuga -- Sartre's Paris -- The greatest urban catastrophe of mankind -- Assumption day -- Von Choltitz's choice -- Prelude to an insurrection -- The policemen's role -- The Chateau de Rambouillet -- National sovereignty and King Charles -- East is east, and west is -- London and Washington in autumn London's 'doodlebugs' -- Washington's 'goobledegook' -- America first -- Nazidom and just William -- The beasts of England -- The flying premier -- Travelling the Gulf Stream -- The Knickerbocker president -- In his absence -- An American-Soviet house -- The pastoralization of Germany -- Roosevelt and the State Department, Churchill and Metternich -- Hurricane season -- Moscow: hot and cold -- The eleventh of November -- Berlin and Moscow in winter Hitler's Waterloo -- A Gaullist mirror -- The train to Moscow -- Silent Moscow -- The man who stayed -- Moscow's war and liberations -- Hitler's return -- Berlin under bombs -- German resistance to the Nazis -- Russian resistance to the Communists -- People without cities eight days at Yalta -- Hiss -- Poles without Warsaw -- Repatriating the citizenless -- Haroldo Macmillano Viceroy of the Mediterranian


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