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Book:The Falklands war : then and now / edited by Gordon Ramsey.:c2009. The Falklands war : then and now / edited by Gordon Ramsey.
Associated Name: Ramsey, Gordon.
Publication year: c2009.
Language: English
Call Number F3031.5 .F342 2009
Media class: Book
Publisher: Old Harlow, Essex : Battle of Britain International
ISBN: 9781870067713 1870067711
Includes index.
"An After the battle publication."
Includes Illustrations on lining papers.
Additional information: 624 p. : ill. (some col.), col. maps ; 31 cm.
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Book:The Falklands War:1982
Book:The Falklands War: lessons for strategy, diplomacy, and international law :1985
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"In 1982, Argentina rashly gambled that a full-scale invasion of the Falkland Islands -- ownership of which had been disputed with Great Britain for over a century -- would put an end to years of political wrangling. However Britain's response was to immediately despatch a task force to recover the islands, by force if necessary. The 'conflict' which followed (a formal declaration of war was never given) lasted ten weeks from Argentine invasion to British liberation, the white heat of battle using 20th century technology contrasting with bitter hand-to-hand bayonet fighting in inhospitable conditions. Eyewitness accounts by the participants of both sides, and islanders, leave us in no doubt as to the ferocity of the combat on land, sea, and in the air. Comparison photography in colour of all the battlefields, the crash sites of the aircraft shot down, the relics and the remains, together with portraits of those who lost their lives and the battlefield memorials, serve as a graphic testimony to their endeavours, 25 years after the battle. A Roll of Honour lists the casualties of both sides and, for the first time, the graves of all the British fallen -- both on the islands and in the United Kingdom -- have been visited and photographed as a lasting record of all those who made the supreme sacrifice in what is most probably Britain's last colonial war"--Dust jacket.
Invasion and occupation -- The task force sails -- Orders of battle -- The Falkland War begins -- The British landings : D-Day -- The battle for Goose Green -- The march on Stanley -- Surrender -- The afterword -- Roll of honour.


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