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DVD:War Department film communiqué. 2 / produced by Army Pictorial Service.:[2004] War Department film communiqué. 2 / produced by Army Pictorial Service.
Associated Name: United States. War Department.
Associated Name: United States. Army Pictorial Service.
Associated Name: International Historic Films Inc.
Publication year: [2004]
Language: English
Call Number D769 .W357 2004 pt.2
Media class: DVD
Publisher: International Historic Films
Title from container.
"Official war film W.F. 24."
Originally released by the War Department in 1943.
Not rated.
DVD format (NTSC, DVD-5, Region 0 encoding).
Series title: Historic film classics
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The second part in a series of compilations of short wartime films.
1. A US artillery unit, in action -- 2. A B-26 Marauder base in England: B-26s dodge flak over the coast of France and then drop 500-pounders on German airfields in France and Holland ; A B-26 crash-lands while returning to its base in England ; B-26s are serviced by ground crews after a mission -- 3. A few quick facts: a cartoon describing the Iowa-class battleship and the average GI -- 4. Battle of Hill 700: Japanese atrocities in Nanking by the infamous Japanese 6th Division ; US forces battles the Japanese 6th Division in the battle of Hill 700 on Bougainville -- 5. Hitting the beach in Italy: LSTs being loaded with supplies and men prior to an amphibious invasion ; US personnel unload cargo from LSTs using pontoon bridges and sea jeeps (ducks) ; German planes attack LSTs -- 6. P-47 Thunderbolt pilots based in Britain are instructed before a mission ; P-47s are readied for a mission by ground crews ; P-47s rendezvous with bombers over the English Channel ; P-47s dogfight with German fighters over France -- 7. US soldiers at a Sunday service in the Pacific -- 8. Allied planes attack a speeding German locomotive ; Army railroad workers repair captured German locomotives and rail systems -- 9. General MacArthur orders American and Australian paratroopers to move in at Lae, New Guinea ; American and Australian paratroopers prepare for the jump and board C-47s ; A patrol plane lays smoke to cover the jump ; American and Australian paratroopers jump at Lae.


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