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Book:Colombia : smoke and mirrors : Colombia's demobilization of paramilitary groups.:2005. Colombia : smoke and mirrors : Colombia's demobilization of paramilitary groups.
Associated Name: Human Rights Watch (Organization)
Publication year: 2005.
Language: English
Call Number JC585 .H852 v.17 no.3
Media class: Book
Publisher: New York : Human Rights Watch
Cover title.
"August 2005" -- contents page.
Additional information: 64 p. ; 28 cm.
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Summary and recommendations. The government's record to date -- Implementation of demobilizations -- The OAS Mission in Colombia -- Future of the demobilization process -- Recommendations: To the Colombian government -- To the member states of the OAS -- To international donors to Colombia and the OAS Mission -- To the United States Government. -- Background: Paramilitary violence, wealth, and power. Profits from drugs and crime -- Political control and corruption -- High pay for the troops -- Paramilitary atrocities -- Military-paramilitary links. -- Demobilization negotiations. -- Recent paramilitary demobilizations. Steps in a collective demobilization -- Failures in implementattion of collective demobilizations: Failure to request aliases -- Failure to maintain a record of arms possession -- Failure to include prosecutors from the Human Rights unit in the team of prosecutors questioning demobilized paramilitaries -- Failure to ask questions about past crimes or the groups' operations and assets -- Superficial checks of demobilized paramilitaries backgrounds -- Failure to share information with local authorities -- Inadequate policies to prevent recruitment. -- The government's record to date. Accountability -- Truth and reparation -- Lasting peace and dismantling of paramilitary structures: Cease-fire, continued paramilitary control, partial demobilizations, wealth and new recruitment. -- The role of the OAS Mission. -- Future demobilizations. Investigation and prosecution of crimes and abuses is greatly restricted -- A single reduced sentence as low as two or three years applies to all "accepted" charges -- Political status -- Opportunity to avoid extradition -- Full and truthful confession is not a condition to get sentence reductions -- No incentives to ensure turnover of all illegal assets and disclosure of information about the group's structure and finances -- Commanders can receive sentence reductions without ensuring their forces' cessation of abuses.
-- Colombia's obligations under international law.


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