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Book:Democratic governance and the rule of law : lessons from Colombia / Gabriel Marcella.:2009. Democratic governance and the rule of law : lessons from Colombia / Gabriel Marcella.
Author: Marcella, Gabriel
Associated Name: Army War College (U.S.). Strategic Studies Institute.
Associated Name: Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute.
Associated Name: Army War College (U.S.)
Publication year: 2009.
Language: English
Call Number U413.P2 M273 2009 ; U413.P22 M37 2009
Media class: Book
Publisher: Carlisle, PA : Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College
ISBN: 9781584874164 1584874163
"December 2009."
Series title: PKSOI papers
Additional information: vi, 44 p. : map ; 23 cm.
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"Colombia has experienced conflict for decades. In the 1990s it was a paradigm of the failing state, beset with all manner of troubles: terrorism, kidnapping, murder, drug trafficking, corruption, an economic downturn of major scope, general lawlessness, and brain drain. Today the country is much safer, and the agents of violence are clearly on the defensive. Nonetheless, much work lies ahead to secure the democratic system. Security and the rule of law are fundamental to the task. As the monopoly over the legitimate use of force is established, democratic governance also needs the architecture of law: ministry of justice, courts, legislative scrutiny, law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies, =lic defenders, police, correctional system, legal statutes, contracts, university level academic education to train lawyers, judges, and investigators, along with engagement with civil society to promote a culture of lawfulness. Security without the rule of law puts a society at risk of falling into a Hobbesian hell"--P. v.
Introduction -- The imperative of the rule of law in the democratic state -- Stability, reconstruction, and legitimacy -- Colombia in strategic context -- The challenge to the rule of law : ungoverned space, noninstitutionalized Colombia, and violence -- How bad can it get? -- La Macarena -- A work in progress or end game? -- Net assessment 2009 -- Administration of justice program : from investigative to accusatory, Colombia's revolutionary change -- Results and lessons learned.


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