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Book:Photographing Custer's battlefield : the images of Kenneth F. Roahen / Sandy Barnard.:[2016] Photographing Custer's battlefield : the images of Kenneth F. Roahen / Sandy Barnard.
Author: Barnard, Sandy
Publication year: [2016]
Language: English
Call Number E83.876 .R56 2016
Media class: Book
Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press
ISBN: 9780806151595 0806151595
Additional information: xvii, 257 pages : illustrations, maps ; 29 cm
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"In this book, Sandy Barnard, an expert on Custer and the Little Big Horn, presents the work of the site's most dedicated photographer, U.S. Fish and Game agent Kenneth F. Roahen, revealing further mysteries of the battlefield and showing how it has changed. Barnard opens by introducing readers to Roahen, who spent the last phase of his career and his retirement years in Montana, where he made it his personal mission from the 1930s to the 1970s to photograph what was then called Custer Battlefield. Among Roahen's most useful images are his photographs of the Crow's Nest, the Morass, and Girard's Knoll -- places whose precise locations have long been debated. He also made a series of pioneering aerial photographs of the Little Big Horn and its surrounding landscape. When paired with Barnard's modern-day photographs, maps, and thorough analysis, Roahen's images provide valuable information for visitors to the monument as well as for historians, biologists, engineers, and other government employees who interpret, preserve, and protect the battlefield and its surrounding terrain. In addition to showing sites associated with the fighting, Roahen's photographs depict mid-twentieth-century roadwork, archaeological surveys and restorations, and construction of the visitor center, park housing, and maintenance facilities. Barnard's matching photographs, taken in 2012 and 2013, help to identify additional subtle but significant landscape modifications" -- Publisher's description.
pt.1. The Little Big Horn. Researching the Custer battlefield story -- Roahen biographical sketch -- Little Big Horn battle historical background -- pt.2. Kenneth F. Roahen's photographs. The Crow's Nest -- Walter Camp's marker on the divide -- From the divide to Reno Creek -- The morass -- Girard's Knoll -- Major Reno's first crossing -- Reno's advance down the valley -- Reno valley fight and retreat crossing -- Aerial photos of the Reno retreat crossing -- Reno-Benteen defense site -- Weir Point to Medicine Tail Coulee -- Calhoun Hill, Finley-Finckle Ridge, and Battle Ridge -- Keogh Sector -- Below Custer Hill -- Last Stand Hill -- Entering the main battlefield -- Visitor Center dedication, June 25, 1952 -- Roahen's 1951 aerial photos of the seventy-fifth anniversary.


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