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Book:World War II / edited by Christine Slovey.:c2000. World War II / edited by Christine Slovey.
Associated Name: Slovey, Christine.
Associated Name: Feldman, George.
Associated Name: Howes, Kelly King.
Associated Name: Bigelow, Barbara C.
Publication year: c2000.
Language: English
Call Number D743.7 .W56 2000
Media class: Book
Publisher: Detroit : U.X.L
ISBN: 07876383151 07876383232 0787638951 078763896X 0787639028x
Series title: U-X-L World War II reference library
Additional information: 4 v. : ill., maps ; 25 cm. + 1 cumulative index.
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[v. 1-2.] Almanac / George Feldman -- [v. 3.] Biographies / Kelly King Howes -- [v. 4.] Primary sources / Barbara C. Bigelow.


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