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Active - [Sword] [MHRC 75.61.01]
Model 1742 British Infantry sword. The blade is slightly curved, single edged, with a false edge extending 6.25 inches back from the point. The blade being 25.625 inches long. There is a single, deep, relatively narrow fuller at the back of the blade which runs to the beginning of the false edge. The entire hilt is of brass. The grip is cast with a spiral pattern. The pommel is large and urn-shaped with a capstan rivet. The knuckle-bow is a semi-rounded strip which expands to form a heart-shaped counter-guard. The quillon is broken off right at the counter-guard. The blade, which is 1.25 inches wide at the hilt, has identical markings stamped on both sides. A crescent faces toward the tip, then there are three six-pointed stars with about .375 inches between them. All four symbols cover just under two inches on the blade on the reverse, and just over 2.5 inches on the obverse.

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