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DVD:The Peloponnesian war / taught by Kenneth W. Harl.:[2007] DVD The Peloponnesian war / taught by Kenneth W. Harl.
The Peloponnesian war / taught by Kenneth W. Harl.
Associated Name: Harl, Kenneth W., speaker.
Associated Name: Blandford, James, film producer.
Associated Name: Leven, Jon, film director.
Associated Name: Bernett, Rich.
Associated Name: Ladd, David.
Associated Name: Richard, Karl.
Associated Name: Teaching Company.
Publication year: [2007]
Language: English
Call Number DF229 .P45 2007
Media class: DVD
Publisher: Chantilly, VA : Teaching Co
ISBN: 1598033700 9781598033700
Course no. 3372.
In three containers.
Producer, James Blandford ; director, Jon Leven ; editors, Rich Bernett, David Ladd, Karl Richard.
Kenneth W. Harl, lecturer, Tulane University.
MPAA rating: Not rated.
DVD; Region 1, Dolby Digital..
Series title: The great courses. Ancient & medieval history
Extent: 6 videodiscs (approximately 1080 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in. + 1 course guidebook (iv, 265 pages : maps ; 19 cm).
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Thirty-six lectures of thirty minutes each talking about Peloponnesian War in which the ancient Greek historian Thucydides called it "a war like no other"--Arguably the greatest in the history of the world up to that time. The Peloponnesian War pitted Athens and her allies against a league of city-states headed by Sparta. Thucydides's eyewitness account of the war has been a classic for 24 centuries and is still studied for its profound truths about the nature of human strife. In The Peloponnesian War, Professor Kenneth Harl draws on this masterpiece and other ancient sources to give you a full picture of the Greek world in uneasy peace and then all-out war in the late 5th century B.C. Course guidebook includes professor biography, statement of course scope, lecture outlines and notes, timeline, glossary, and bibliography.
v.1. lecture 1. Thucydides and the Peloponnesian War -- lecture 2. Greek way of war -- lecture 3. Sparta, perceptions and prejudices -- lecture 4. Sparta and her allies -- lecture 5. Athenian democracy -- lecture 6. Athens and the navy -- lecture 7. Victory over Persia, 490-479 B.C. -- lecture 8. Athens or Sparta, a question of leadership -- lecture 9. Cimonian imperialism -- lecture 10. Sparta after the Persian Wars -- lecture 11. First Peloponnesian War -- lecture 12. Thirty years' peace -- v.2. lecture 13. Triumph of the radical democracy -- lecture 14. From Delian League to Athenian Empire -- lecture 15. Economy and society of imperial Athens -- lecture 16. Athens, school of Greece -- lecture 17. Crisis in Corcyra, 435-432 B.C. -- lecture 18. Outbreak of the Peloponnesian War -- lecture 19. Strategies and stalemate, 431-429 B.C. -- lecture 20. Athenian victory in northwest Greece -- lecture 21. Imperial crisis : the Chalcidice and Mytilene -- lecture 22. Plague, fiscal crisis and war -- lecture 23. Demagogues and stasis -- lecture 24. Pylos, 425 B.C., a test of leadership -- v.3. lecture 25. New leaders and new strategies -- lecture 26. Peace of Nicias -- lecture 27. Collapse of the Peace of Nicias -- lecture 28. From Mantinea to Sicily, 418-415 B.C. -- lecture 29. Sparta, Athens and the western Greeks -- lecture 30. Athenian expedition to Sicily -- lecture 31. Alcibiades and Sparta, 414-412 B.C. -- lecture 32. Conspiracy and revolution, 411 B.C. -- lecture 33. Alcibiades and Athens, 411-406 B.C. -- lecture 34. Defeat of Athens, 406-404 B.C. -- lecture 35. Sparta's bitter victory -- lecture 36. Lessons of the Peloponnesian War.

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