Book:Brill's companion to Thucydides / edited by Antonios Rengakos, Antonis Tsamakis.:2012. Book Brill's companion to Thucydides / edited by Antonios Rengakos, Antonis Tsamakis.
Brill's companion to Thucydides / edited by Antonios Rengakos, Antonis Tsamakis.
Associated Name: Rengakos, Antonios.
Associated Name: Tsakmakis, Antonis.
Publication year: 2012.
Language: English
Call Number DF229.T6 B75 2012
Media class: Book
Publisher: Leiden ;Boston : Brill
ISBN: 9789004233492 9004233490 97890042364861 90042364811 97890042364932 900423649X2
Originally published in 2006 in a single hardback volume.
"Brill's paperback collection."
Extent: 2 v. (xix, 947 p.) ; 25 cm.
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This volume on Thucydides, the most important historian of the ancient world, comprises articles by thirty leading international scholars. The contributions cover a wide range of issues, including Thucydides' life, intellectual milieu and predecessors, Thucydides and the act of writing, his rhetoric, historical method and narrative techniques, narrative unity in the History, the speeches, Thucydides' reliability as a historian, and his legacy through the centuries. Other topics dealt with include warfare, religion, individuals, democracy and oligarchy, the invention of political science, Thucydides and Athens, Sparta, Macedonia/Thrace, Sicily/South Italy, Persia, and the Argives.The volume aims to provide a survey of current trends in Thucydidean studies which will be of interest to all students of ancient history.
v. 1. Biographical obscurities and problems of composition / Luciano Canfora -- The new genre and its boundaries : poets and logographers / Aldo Corcella -- Thucydides and Herodotus : aspects of their intertextual relationship / Zacharias Rogkotis -- Thucydides' intellectual milieu and the plague / Rosalind Thomas -- Contract and design : Thucydides' writing / Egbert Bakker -- Thucydides and the invention of political science / Josiah Ober -- Leaders, crowds, and the power of the image : political communication in Thucydides / Antonis Tsakmakis -- Thucydides on democracy and oligarchy / Kurt Raaflaub -- Objectivity and authority : Thucydides' historical method / Tim Rood -- Interaction of speech and narrative in Thucydides / James V. Morrison -- Thucydides' narrative : the epic and Herodotean heritage / Antonios Rengakos -- Narrative unity and consistency of thought : composition of event sequences in Thucydides / Hans-Peter Stahl -- Thucydides' workshop of history and utility outside the text / Lisa Kallet -- Theatres of war : Thucydidean topography / Peter Funke, Matthias Haake -- Warfare / Peter Hunt -- Thucydides and religion / William D. Furley -- Individuals in Thucydides / David Gribble -- Thucydides and power politics / Lawrence Tritle.
v.2. Thucydides and epigraphy / Bernhard Smarczyk -- Thucydides and Athenian history / P.J. Rhodes -- Thucydides and comedy / Jeffrey Rusten -- Sparta and the Spartans in Thucydides / Paul Cartledge, Paula Debnar -- Macedonia and Thrace in Thucydides / Michael Zahrnt -- Thucydides and the Argives / Simon Hornblower -- Sicily and Southern Italy in Thucydides / Michael Zahrnt -- ". . . keeping the two sides equal" : Thucydides, the Persians and the Peloponnesian War / Josef Wiesenhofer -- Peloponnesian War : sources other than Thucydides / Martin Hose -- Thucydides continued / Roberto Nicolai -- Thucydides in Rome and late antiquity / Luciano Canfora -- Byzantine adaptations of Thucydides / Diether Roderich Reinsch -- Thucydides' rennaissance readers / Marianne Pade -- Thucydidean modernities : history between science and art / Francisco Murari Pires.

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