Book:Global Salafism : Islam's new religious movement / edited by Roel Meijer.:c2009. Book Global Salafism : Islam's new religious movement / edited by Roel Meijer.
Global Salafism : Islam's new religious movement / edited by Roel Meijer.
Associated Name: Meijer, Roel.
Publication year: c2009.
Language: English
Call Number BP195.S18 G46 2009
Media class: Book
Publisher: New York : Columbia University Press
ISBN: 9780231154208 0231154208
Extent: xix, 463 p. ; 23 cm.
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Given the salience of the terms 'Salafism' or 'Jihadi-Salafism,' not only in specialist analyses but also in the media, the currents of Islamic thought grouped under these terms are poised to become more widely known. Yet much western analysis suffers from a lack of sophistication and discernment on this important doctrinal trend in contemporary Islamic thought, so that 'Salafism' is some what liberally employed to denote, with far too much specificity, a phenomenon that is only opaquely defined to the western reader. The contributors to 'Global Salafism' are careful to map out not only the differences in the Salafist schools, but also to underscore the fluidity of this broad doctrinal tendency. They examine the phenomenon both in its regional manifestations - which demonstrate surprising diversities, ambivalences and contradictions - and in its shared essential doctrines. In so doing they highlight the ambivalences inherent in Salafism itself, and the Salafist believers' claim to be reviving Islamic thought for the modern age - albeit through the paradox of 'out-antiquing the antique' by appealing to a greater, older, purer authenticity. With considerable subtlety the tensions between the local and the global aspirations of exponents and claimants to the 'Salafist method' are explored and the parallels and divergences weighed. This is a unique book that can justifiably claim to be pioneering, as it is the first of its kind to take the phenomenon of Salafism as a whole, and address the task of defining what is, despite its crucial importance, a relatively neglected field.
Introduction / Roel Meijer -- Salafist doctrine. On the nature of Salafi thought and action / Bernard Haykel -- Between revolution and apoliticism : Nasir al-Din al-Albani and his impact on the shaping of contemporary Salafism / Stéphane Lacroix -- The transformation of a radical concept : al-walaʼ wa-l-baraʼ in the ideology of Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi / Joas Wagemakers -- Jihadi-Salafism and the Shiʻis : remarks about the intellectual roots of anti-Shiʻism / Guido Steinberg -- Salafism in Pakistan : the Ahl-e Hadith movement / Mariam Abou Zahab -- Salafism and politics. The Salafi critique of Islamism : doctrine, difference and the problem of Islamic political action in contemporary Sudan / Noah Salomon -- Ambivalent doctrines and conflicts in the Salafi movement in Indonesia / Noorhaidi Hasan -- Commanding right and forbidding wrong as a principle of social action : the case of the Egyptian al-Jamaʻa al-Islamiyya / Roel Meijer -- Salafi formations in Palestine : the limits of a de-Palestinised milieu / Khaled Hroub -- Jihadi-Salafism. Jihadi-Salafis or revolutionaries? On religion and politics in the study of militant Islamism / Thomas Hegghammer -- Debates within the family : Jihadi-Salafi debates on strategy, takfir, extremism, suicide bombings and the sense of apocalypse / Reuven Paz -- 'Destructive doctrinairians' : Abu Musʻab al-Suri's critique of the Salafis in the jihadi current / Brynjar Lia -- The local and the global in Salafism. The local and the global in Saudi Salafi discourse / Madawi Al-Rasheed -- How transnational is Salafism in Yemen? / Laurent Bonnefoy -- Growth and fragmentation : the Salafi movement in Bale, Ethiopia / Terje Østebø -- Salfism and identity. Salafism in France : ideology, practices and contradictions / Mohamed-Ali Adraoui -- The attraction of 'authentic Islam' : Salafism and British Muslim youth / Sadek Hamid -- Changing worldviews and friendship : an exploration of the life stories of two female Salafis in the
Netherlands / Martijn de Koning.

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