Book:Terrorism studies : a reader / edited by John Horgan and Kurt Braddock.:2012. Book Terrorism studies : a reader / edited by John Horgan and Kurt Braddock.
Terrorism studies : a reader / edited by John Horgan and Kurt Braddock.
Associated Name: Horgan, John, 1974-
Associated Name: Braddock, Kurt.
Publication year: 2012.
Language: English
Call Number HV6431 .T472 2012
Media class: Book
Publisher: London ;New York : Routledge
ISBN: 9780415455053 0415455057
Extent: xxiii, 504 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
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"In an age when there is more written about terrorism than anyone can possibly read in a lifetime, it has become increasingly difficult for students and scholars to navigate the literature. At the same time, courses and modules on terrorism studies are developing at a rapid rate. To meet this challenge, this comprehensive new Reader in Terrorism Studies seeks to equip the aspiring student, based anywhere in the world, with a comprehensive introduction to the study of terrorism. Containing many of the most influential and groundbreaking studies from the worlds leading authorities on terrorism, drawn from several disciplines, and edited by one of the worlds leading experts, John Horgan, this book is the essential companion for the student of terrorism and political violence.Terrorism Studies, which starts with a detailed Introduction on 'Studying Terrorism', is divided into nine sub-sections, each of which has an introduction and guide to further reading. It will be essential reading for undergraduate students of terrorism and political violence, and recommended reading for students of security studies, international relations and political science in general"--Provided by publisher.
Fear and trembling : terrorism in three religious traditions / David C. Rapoport -- How new is the new terrorism? / Isabelle Duyvesteyn -- The four waves of modern terrorism / David C. Rapoport -- Conceptualization of terrorism / Jack P. Gibbs -- The challenges of conceptualizing terrorism / Leonard Weinberg, Ami Pedahzur, Sivan Hirsch Hoefler -- The response problem as a definition problem / Alex P. Schmid -- The causes of terrorism / Martha Crenshaw -- Turning to terror : the conditions under which political parties turn to terrorist activities / Leonard Weinberg -- A conceptual framework for addressing psychological process in the development of the terrorist / Max Taylor, John Horgan -- Hizbollah's command leadership : it's structure, decision-making, and relationship with Iranian clergy and institutions / Magnus Ranstorp -- The Provisional IRA : a case study / Charles J.M. Drake -- Right-wing terrorism in a comparative perspective : the case of split delegitimization / Ehud Sprinzak -- A subnational study of insurgency : FARC violence in the 1990s / Jennifer S. Holmes, Sheila Amin Gutiérrez de Piñeres, Kevin M. Curtin -- Al Qaeda : a different diagnosis / Xavier Raufer -- On individual motivations in underground political organizations / Donatella Della Porta --
Decisions to use terrorism : psychological constraints on instrumental reasoning / Martha Crenshaw -- The strategic logic of suicide terrorism / Robert A. Pape -- Palestinian suicide bombing : public support, market share, and outbidding / Mia M. Bloom -- A tertiary model for countering terrorism in liberal democracies : the case of Israel / Ami Pedahzur, Magnus Ranstorp -- The leaderless nexus : when crime and terror converge / Chris Dishman -- Fire of Iolaus : the role of state countermeasures in causing terrorism and what needs to be done / Andrew Silke -- Key considerations in counterideological work against terrorist ideology / Muhammad Haniff Bin Hassan -- WMD terrorism research : where to from here? / Gary Ackerman -- The changing face of Al Qaeda and the global war on terrorism / Bruce Hoffman -- Six rather unusual propositions about terrorism / John Mueller -- Martyrdom mythology in Iraq : how jihadists frame suicide terrorism in videos and biographies / Mohammed M. Hafez -- Countering female terrorism / Karla J. Cunningham -- "They haven't gone away, you know" : Irish republican "dissidents" and "armed struggle" / Jonathan Tonge -- Homegrown jihadist terrorism in the United States : a new and occasional phenomenon? / Lorenzo Vidino -- Appropriated martyrs : the Branch Davidians and the radical right / Michael Barkun.

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