Book:The Oxford handbook of national security intelligence / edited by Loch K. Johnson.:2010. Book The Oxford handbook of national security intelligence / edited by Loch K. Johnson.
The Oxford handbook of national security intelligence / edited by Loch K. Johnson.
Associated Name: Johnson, Loch K., 1942-
Publication year: 2010.
Language: English
Call Number JF1525.I6 O942 2010
Media class: Book
Publisher: Oxford ;New York : Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780195375886 0195375882
Series title: Oxford handbooks
Extent: xv, 886 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
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"Throughout the past few decades, interest in the field of national security intelligence has increased dramatically as a series of intelligence scandals and failures such as the Iran-contra affair and the false claim that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction - has brought attention to this young discipline. The terrorist attacks of 2001 further revealed the inadequacies of the U.S. security apparatus, and a motion toward reform has formed in the wake of this tragedy. In our information-dominated age, the organizations that function in the dark are increasingly driving policy decisions, and an understanding of these hidden aspects of government is more crucial than ever." "The Oxford Handbook of National Security Intelligence surveys the current literature on national security intelligence, presenting a synthesis of theories and findings. The Handbook discusses national security intelligence within a political and historical context, explaining how intelligence agencies operate and how they collect information from around the world. It examines the problems that come with transforming raw information into credible analysis, and the difficulties involved in disseminating intelligence to policymakers. It explores the balance between secrecy and public accountability, and the ethical dilemmas that covert operations routinely present to intelligence agencies. This authoritative volume presents a comprehensive overview of the discipline, complete with research agendas and suggestions for reform." "This handbook represents the work of a distinguished team of international contributors from a variety of backgrounds: among the authors are many prominent scholars, intelligence agents, and politicians. Their dynamic array of viewpoints provides the reader with an indispensable portrait of this rapidly developing field of study, appropriate for experts and casual readers alike."--Book jacket.
National security intelligence / Loch K. Johnson -- National security and public anxiety : our changing perceptions / Sir Richard Dearlove -- Theories of intelligence / Peter Gill -- The sources and methods of intelligence studies / James J. Wirtz -- Getting intelligence history right : reflections and recommendations from inside / Nicholas Dujmovic -- Assessing intelligence performance / John A. Gentry -- The rise of the U.S. intelligence system, 1917-1977 / Michael Warner -- The rise and fall of the CIA / Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones -- British strategic intelligence and the Cold War / Len Scott -- Signals intelligence in war and power politics, 1914-2010 / John Ferris -- The President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board / Kenneth M. Absher, Michael C. Desch, Roman Popadiuk -- The dilemma of open sources intelligence : is OSINT really intelligence? / Arthur S. Hulnick -- The troubled inheritance : the National Security Agency and the Obama administration / Matthew M. Aid -- Human source intelligence / Frederick P. Hitz -- United Nations peacekeeping intelligence / A. Walter Dorn -- Privatized spying : the emerging intelligence industry / Patrick R. Keefe -- Guarding the border : intelligence and law enforcement in Canada's immigration system / Arne Kislenko -- Extraordinary rendition / William G. Weaver, Robert M. Pallitto -- Addressing "complexities" in homeland security / Gregory F. Treverton -- The intelligence analysis crisis / Uri Bar-Joseph, Rose McDermott -- Competitive analysis : techniques for better gauging enemy political intentions and military capabilities / Richard L. Russell -- Decision advantage and the nature of intelligence analysis / Jennifer E. Sims -- Intelligence analysis in an uncertain environment / William M. Nolte --
The dilemma of defense intelligence / Richard A. Best -- The policymaker-intelligence relationship / Mark M. Lowenthal -- On uncertainty and the limits of intelligence / Peter Jackson -- The perils of politicization /Paul R. Pillar -- Leadership in an intelligence organization : the directors of Central Intelligence and the CIA / David Robarge -- The future of FBI counterintelligence through the lens of the past hundred years / Raymond J. Batvinis -- Treason : "'tis worse than murder" / Stan A. Taylor, Kayle Buchanan -- The challenges of counterintelligence / Paul J. Redmond -- Catching an atom spy : MI5 and the investigation of Klaus Fuchs / Timothy Gibbs -- Covert action, Pentagon style / Jennifer D. Kibbe -- Covert action : United States law in substance, process, and practice / James E. Baker -- Covert action : strengths and weaknesses / William J, Daugherty -- The role of defense in shaping U.S. intelligence reform / James R. Clapper -- Intelligence and the law in the United Kingdom / Ian Leigh -- Rethinking the state secrets privilege / Louis Fisher -- Accounting for the future or the past? : developing accountability and oversight systems to meet future intelligence needs / Stuart Farson, Reg Whitaker -- "A very British institution" : the Intelligence and Security Committee and intelligence accountability in the United Kingdom / Mark Phythian -- The politics of intelligence accountability / Glenn Hastedt -- Ethics and professional intelligence / Michael Andregg -- Intelligence in the developing democracies : the quest for transparency and effectiveness / Thomas C. Bruneau, Florina Cristiana (Cris) Matei -- The intelligence services of Russia / Robert W. Pringle -- The German Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) : evolution and current policy issues / Wolfgang Krieger -- Israeli intelligence : organization, failures, and successes / Ephraim Kahana -- Intelligence and national security : the Australian experience / David Martin Jones.

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