Book:Remaking Muslim politics : pluralism, contestation, democratization / Robert W. Hefner, editor.:[c2005] Book Remaking Muslim politics : pluralism, contestation, democratization / Robert W. Hefner, editor.
Remaking Muslim politics : pluralism, contestation, democratization / Robert W. Hefner, editor.
Associated Name: Hefner, Robert W., 1952-
Publication year: [c2005]
Language: English
Call Number DS35.69 .R25 2005
Media class: Book
Publisher: Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press
ISBN: 0691120927 0691120935
Series title: Princeton studies in Muslim politics
Extent: xii, 358 p. ; 24 cm.
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There is a struggle for the hearts and minds of Muslims unfolding across the Islamic world. The conflict pits Muslims who support pluralism and democracy against others who insist such institutions are antithetical to Islam. With some 1.3 billion people worldwide professing Islam, the outcome of this contest is sure to be one of the defining political events of the twenty-first century. Bringing together twelve engaging essays by leading specialists focusing on individual countries, this pioneering book examines the social origins of civil-democratic Islam, its long-term prospects, its implications for the West, and its lessons for our understanding of religion and politics in modern times. Although depicted by its opponents as the product of political ideas "made in the West" civil-democratic Islam represents an indigenous politics that seeks to build a distinctive Islamic modernity. In countries like Turkey, Iran, Malaysia, and Indonesia, it has become a major political force. Elsewhere its influence is apparent in efforts to devise Islamic grounds for women's rights, religious tolerance, and democratic citizenship. Everywhere it has generated fierce resistance from religious conservatives. Examining this high-stakes clash, Remaking Muslim Politics breaks new ground in the comparative study of Islam and democracy. The contributors are Bahman Baktiari, Thomas Barfield, John R. Bowen, Dale F. Eickelman, Robert W. Hefner, Peter Mandaville, Augustus Richard Norton, Gwenn Okruhlik, Michael G. Peletz, Diane Singerman, Jenny B. White, and Muhammad Qasim Zaman.
Modernity and the remaking of Muslim politics / Robert W. Hefner -- New media in the Arab Middle East and the emergence of open societies / Dale F. Eickelman -- Pluralism, democracy, and the ʻUlama / Muhammad Qasim Zaman -- The end of Islamism? Turkey's Muslimhood model / Jenny B. White -- Dilemmas of reform and democracy in the Islamic Republic of Iran / Bahman Baktiari -- Thwarted politics : the case of Egypt's Hizb al-Wasat / Augustus Richard Norton -- Rewriting divorce in Egypt : reclaiming Islam, legal activism, and coalition politics / Diane Singerman -- Empowering civility through nationalism : reformist Islam and belonging in Saudi Arabia / Gwenn Okruhlik -- An Islamic state is a state run by good Muslims : religion as a way of life and not an ideology in Afghanistan / Thomas Barfield -- Islam and the cultural politics of legitimacy : Malaysia in the aftermath of September 11 / Michael G. Peletz -- Muslim democrats and Islamist violence in post-Soeharto Indonesia / Robert W. Hefner -- Sufis and Salafis : the political discourse of transnational Islam / Peter Mandaville -- Pluralism and normativity in French Islamic reasoning / John R. Bowen.

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