Book:Personal narratives of events in the War of the Rebellion : being papers read before the Rhode Island Soldiers and Sailors Historical Society.:1878-1915. Book Personal narratives of events in the War of the Rebellion : being papers read before the Rhode Island Soldiers and Sailors Historical Society.
Personal narratives of events in the War of the Rebellion : being papers read before the Rhode Island Soldiers and Sailors Historical Society.
Author: Rhode Island Soldiers and Sailors Historical Society.
Publication year: 1878-1915.
Language: English
Call Number E464 .R47
Media class: Book
Publisher: Providence : Rhode Island Soldiers and Sailors Historical Society
General title varies: [1st ser.] 1878-79, Personal narratives of the battles of the rebellion ... 5th ser., 1894-99, and 7th ser., 1905-15, have also collective title-pages, Soldiers and Sailors Historical Society of Rhode Island. Personal narratives.
Published in 100 parts, with general and special title-pages.
[1st ser.] published in 10 nos.; 2d-4th ser. in 20 nos. each; 5th-7th ser. in 10 nos. each.
No more published.
Considered part of the MOLLUS series.
MOLLUS collection.
Extent: 100 v. : fronts., plates, ports., maps, fold. facsim. ; 21 cm.
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Ser. 2: First cruise of the Montauk / Samuel T. Browne -- A country boy's first three months in the army / C. Henry Barney -- Organization and service of Battery F, First Rhode Island light artillery, to January 1st, 1863 / Philip S. Chase -- Marine artillery with the Burnside expedition and the battle of Camden, N. C. / William B. Avery -- Burnside expedition in North Carolina. Battles of Roanoke Island and Elizabeth City / Lorenzo Traver -- Burnside expedition / Ambrose E. Burnside -- Reminiscences of two years with the colored troops / J.M. Addeman -- A recruit before Petersburg / George B. Peck, Jr. -- Personal experiences of the Chancellorsville campaign / Horatio Rogers -- Battle of Cedar Mountain : a personal view, August 9, 1862 / Rev. Frederic Denison -- Reminiscences of the war of the rebellion of 1861-5 / J. Albert Monroe -- A cruise along the blockade / Frank B. Butts -- High school boys of the Tenth R.I. regiment : with a roll of teachers and students of the Providence high school, who served in the Army or Navy of the United States during the rebellion / William A. Spicer -- Service of the cavalry in the Army of the Potomac / Edward P.Tobie -- Prison life of Lieut. James M. Fales / George N. Bliss -- Last tour of duty at the siege of Charleston / Charles H. Williams -- Ambrose Everett Burnside / Augustus Woodbury -- Incidents of service with the Eleventh regiment Rhode Island volunteers / Charles H. Parkhurst -- Battle of Cedar Creek, October 19, 1864 / John K. Bucklyn -- Incidents of cavalry experiences during General Pope's campaign / William Gardiner.
Ser. 3 : Life on the Texan blockade / William F. Hutchinson -- My four months' experience as a prisoner of war / Thomas Simpson -- Gun-boat service on the James River / William B. Avery -- A private's recollections of Fredericksburg / Eugene A. Cory -- Camp and hospital / George B. Peck, Jr. -- Cavalry service with General Sheridan, and life in Libby prison / George N. Bliss -- Service with Battery F, First Rhode Island light artillery, in North Carolina / Philip S. Chase -- Reminiscences of gunboat service on the Nansemond / Frank B. Butts -- Battle of Groveton, August 28, 1862 / Rev. Frederic Denison – Recollections of Monocacy / Alfred S. Roe -- Recollections of service in the Twelfth Regiment, R. I. Volunteers / Oscar Lapham -- March to the sea / Charles A. Hopkins -- Reminiscences of service with colored troups in the Army of the Cumberland, 1863-65 / Thomas J. Morgan -- Frontier service during the rebellion; or, A history of Company K, First Infantry, California Volunteers / George H. Pettis -- Reminiscences of service with the Twelfth Rhode Island Volunteers, and a memorial of Col. George H. Browne / Pardon E. Tillinghast -- Battery D, First Rhode Island light artillery, at the battle of Antietam, September 17, 1862 / J. Albert Monroe -- Relief of Washington, North Carolina, by the Fifth Rhode Island Volunteers / William W. Douglas -- A private's reminiscences of the first year of the war / E. Benjamin Andrews -- Battle of Kelly's Ford, March 17, 1863 / Jacob B. Cooke -- Investment of Fort Pulaski / Alonzo Williams.
Ser. 4 : From Monocacy to Danville : a trip with the Confederates / Alfred S. Roe -- Siege and capture of Harper's Ferry by the Confederates, September, 1862 / William H. Nichols, 3d -- Service with Battery F, First Rhode Island light artillery / Philip S. Chase -- First Rhode Island Cavalry at Middleburg, Va., June 17 and 18, 1863 / George B. Bliss -- Personal recollections of General Sheridan / Edward P. Tobie -- The Monitor and the Merrimac / by Frank B. Butts -- From Bridgeport to Ringgold by way of Lookout Mountain / Albert R. Greene -- Duffié and the monument to his memory / George B. Bliss -- Burnside expedition and the engagement at Roanoke island / William L. Welch -- Battery D, First Rhode Island light artillery, at the second battle of Bull Run / J. Albert Monroe -- Recollections of service in Battery D, First Rhode Island light artillery / George C. Sumner -- My boyhood at West Point / Prof. William Whitman Bailey -- From Memphis to Allatoona,and the battle of Allatoona, October 5, 1864 / George W. Hill -- Recollections of the United States naval academy / John C. Pegram -- With the Ninth Army Corps in East Tennessee / First Sergeant W. A. Nason -- In a rebel prision : or, Experiences in Danville, Va. / Alfred S. Roe -- Richmond, Annapolis, and home / Alfred S. Roe -- Recollections of him as commander of Battery D / George C. Sumner ; A biographical sketch / George B. Peck ; A eulogy / Edward P. Tobie -- The Gettysburg gun / John H. Rhodes -- A chaplain's experience in the Union Army / Rev. Frederic Denison.
Ser. 5 : Services with colored troops in Burnside's corps / James H. Rickard -- Kearsarge and Alabama / William H. Badlam -- From Andersonville to freedom / Charles M. Smith -- From Fredericksburg to Gettysburg / Benjamin H. Child -- Operations of the cavalry corps, Middle military division, armies of the United States, from February 27 to March 8, 1865, participated in by the First Rhode Island Cavalry / William Gardiner -- Organization and first campaign of Battery E, First Rhode Island Light Artillery / Francis B. Butts -- Assault on Fort Gilmer and reminiscences of prison life / George R. Sherman -- Battle of the Crater and experiences of prison life / Sumner U. Shearman -- Reminiscences of the signal service in the Civil War / Henry S. Tafft -- From Spottsylvania to Wilmington, N.C. by way of Andersonville and Florence / Sidney S. Williams.
Ser. 6 : A forlorn hope / Leverett C. Stevens -- How I lost my sabre in war and found it in peace / George N. Bliss -- Reminiscences of the Signal Service in the Civil War / Henry S. Taft -- Extracts from my diary, and from my experiences while boarding with Jefferson Davis.../ William J. Crossley -- Maryland Campaign with the Fourth Rhode Island / Henry J. Spooner -- Sword of honor: from captivity to freedom / Hannibal A. Johnson -- Through Chancellorsville, into and out of Libby Prison / Clay MacCauley -- Storming of the lines of Petersburg by the Sixth Corps, April 2, 1865 / Hazard Stevens -- Our last campaign and subsequent service in Texas / James Shaw -- Florida Campaign with Light Battery C, Rhode Island Heavy Artillery / Patrick Egan.
Ser. 7 : Reminiscences of the Burnside Expedition / William H. Chenery -- From the Rapidan to the James under Grant / Ezra K. Parker -- Incident in the Battle of Middleburg, Va., June 17, 1863 / Charles O. Green -- War reminiscences / Martin S. James -- Sailor on horseback / William E. Meyer -- Campaign of Battery D, First Rhode Island Light Artillery, in Kentucky and East Tennessee -- The Negro as a soldier / George R. Sherman -- Military services of Maj.Gen. Ambrose Everett Burnside in the Civil War, and their value as an asset of his country and its history (2 pts.) / Daniel R. Ballou -- Second Rhode Island Volunteers at the Siege of Petersburg, Virginia / Elisha H. Rhodes.
Ser. 1 : First campaign of the Second Rhode Island Infantry / Elisha H. Rhodes -- Rhode Island artillery at the first battle of Bull Run / J. Albert Monroe -- Reminiscences of service in the First Rhode Island cavalry / George N. Bliss -- My first cruise at sea and the loss of the ironclad Monitor / Frank B. Butts -- Kit Carson's fight with the Comanche and Kiowa Indians, at the Adobe Walls on the Canadian River, November 25th, 1864 / George H. Pettis -- Trip to Richmond as prisoner of war / Edward P. Tobie -- Incidents of cavalry service in Louisiana / Charles H. Parkhurst -- The bay fight ; a sketch of the battle of Mobile Bay, August 5th, 1864 / William F. Hutchinson -- Personal incidents in the early campaigns of the Third regiment Rhode Island volunteers and the Tenth army corps / Edwin Metcalf -- Battle of the mine / Ervin T. Case.

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