Book:The secret state : a history of intelligence and espionage / John Hughes-Wilson.:2017.:First Pegasus Books hardcover edition. Book The secret state : a history of intelligence and espionage / John Hughes-Wilson.
The secret state : a history of intelligence and espionage / John Hughes-Wilson.
Author: Hughes-Wilson, John
Publication year: 2017.
Language: English
Call Number UB270 .H84 2017
Media class: Book
Edition: First Pegasus Books hardcover edition.
Publisher: New York : Pegasus Books
ISBN: 9781681773025 1681773023
Extent: xvii, 510 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm.
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"Examines the potential pitfalls of the traditional intelligence cycle: the dangerous uncertainties of spies and human intelligence; how the Cold War became an electronic intelligence war; the technological revolution that began with the use of reconnaissance photography in World War I; the legacy of Stalin's deliberate ignoring of vital intelligence; how signals intelligence gave America one of its greatest victories; how Wikileaks really happened; and whether 9/11 could have been avoided if America's post-Cold War intelligence agencies had adapted to the new world of international terrorism. Drawing on a variety of sources, ranging from eyewitness accounts to his own personal experience, Colonel John Hughes-Wilson examines everything from undercover agents to photographic reconnaissance to today's much-misunderstood cyberwarfare. In this definitive history of espionage, Hughes-Wilson searches for hard answers and scrutinizes why crucial intelligence is so often ignored, misunderstood, or spun by politicians and seasoned generals alike"--Publisher description.
Part One. Setting the scene. A little history -- Part Two. On intelligence -- Part Three. How intelligence works: the intelligence cycle -- On direction : "What exactly is your intelligence requirement, Minister?" -- On collection -- Part Four. On HUMINT and spies. Money : the Walker family's unusual business -- Ideology -- Compromise/coercion -- Ego : Robert Hanssen -- The grievance : Penkovsky -- HUMINT in action : Werther and the Battle of Kursk -- On interrogation -- How Soviet HUMINT changed the world -- Part Five. Technology takes over. On SIGINT -- The triumph of SIGINT : Midway -- On surveillance -- On technical intelligence -- Photographic reconnaissance -- Photographic reconnaissance in action : the Cuban missile crisis -- On satellites -- Part Six. Information into intelligence. On collation : Vietnam and Tet offensive -- On interpretation : Yom Kippur -- Telling the user : Barbarossa and Stalin -- On dissemination : Pearl Harbor -- Part Seven. On security. One who slipped through the net : Aldrich Hazen Ames -- The Avner Smit case -- The inadequate : Bradley Manning -- WikiLeaks and the appalling Assange -- Snowden, security and the surveillance state -- Strategic security : insecure from top to bottom : Singapore, 1941-2 -- Part Eight. On deception. D-Day -- Part Nine. On terror. On terrorism -- Islam and the war on terror -- The greatest atrocity : 9/11 and the attack on the World Trade Center -- Part Ten. On intelligence fiascos. The Sơn Tây raid -- Operation Eagle Claw -- Blair's dodgy dossier, Iraq 2003 -- Part Eleven. New horizons, new horrors? On cyberwar : when is a war not a war? -- Part Twelve. A dangerous trade. The secret war for ELINT -- USS Pueblo -- The attack on the USS Liberty : with friends like this, who needs enemies? -- Disaster at Forward Operating Base Chapman -- Will it ever get any better?

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