Book:History of the Mindanao guerrillas.:[between 1945 and 2013] Book History of the Mindanao guerrillas.
History of the Mindanao guerrillas.
Publication year: [between 1945 and 2013]
Language: English
Call Number D802.P52 H57 1945
Media class: Book
Publisher: [United States] : [publisher not identified]
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Extent: 171 pages ; 28 cm
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"This historical record dwells on the guerrilla resistance movements in Mindanao, the merits of which are crystalized in the cohesively concrete organization, activities and accomplishments of the Tenth Military District, under the command of Col. Wendell W. Fertig ... Some mention is also made of the intelligence coverage for the 9th Military District, comprising the provinces of Leyte and Samar ... This composite history is intended to present an impartial and factual picture of the Guerrilla Resistance Movement in Mindanao and to preserve in more or less permanent form the historical record of the Tenth Military District from the beginning of the first sporadic resistance movement to the formal date Mindanao was declared liberated by Gen. MacArthur."--
Chapter I. Introductory. Phases of the war in the Philippines ; Scope and purpose of this record -- Chapter II. Historical background of the guerrilla movement. Why Bataan? ; MacArthur declares Wainwright's surrender of no validity ; Picture of gloom -- Chapter III. Beginning and growth of the Tenth Military District. Why the early guerrillas in Mindanao ; Scattered guerrilla units on Mindanao -- Chapter IV. Formation of regiments and divisions. The need for unity ; Six divisions formed -- Chapter V. Staff officers. Tenth Military District Headquarters ; Division staff officers -- Chapter VI. 10th Military District radio communication net -- Chapter VII. Mindanao intelligence -- Chapter VIII. Operations -- Chapter IX. Financing the Mindanao guerrillas -- Chapter X. The organization of the civil government -- Chapter XI. Miscellaneous. Japanese atrocities ; American plane disasters in Mindanao ; 187 American guerrillas on Mindanao.

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