Book:Islamist terrorism in Europe : a history / Petter Nesser.:[2015] Book Islamist terrorism in Europe : a history / Petter Nesser.
Islamist terrorism in Europe : a history / Petter Nesser.
Author: Nesser, Petter
Publication year: [2015]
Language: English
Call Number HV6433.E85 N47 2015
Media class: Book
Publisher: Oxford ;New York : Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780190264024 0190264020 1849044058 9781849044059
Extent: xiv, 371 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
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The 2012 Toulouse and Montauban shootings and the grisly murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich in 2013 are stark reminders of the terrorist threat posed by militant Islamist extremism in Europe. While the death of Osama bin Laden and the advent of the 'Arab Spring' fed expectations that international jihadism was a spent force, Europe has faced an increase in terrorist plots over the past few years. In addition, there are growing security concerns over the fallout of the Syrian conflict, and its sizeable contingents of battle-hardened European fighters. This book provides a comprehensive account of the rise of jihadist militancy in Europe and offers a detailed background for understanding the current and future threat. Based on a wide range of new primary sources, it traces the phenomenon back to the late 1980s, and the formation of jihadist support networks in Europe in the early 1990s. Combining analytical rigor with empirical richness, the book offers a comprehensive account of patterns of terrorist cell formation and plots between 1995 and 2012. In contrast to existing research which has emphasised social explanations, failed immigration and homegrown radicalism, this book highlights the entrepreneurial role of former Arab-Afghan veterans and their associated organisations and ideological agendas.
1. From Afghanistan to Europe -- Afghan-Arabs -- Al-Qaida -- Camps and alliances -- Europe in jihadi thought -- Jihadis enter Europe -- Commandos behind enemy lines -- "Londonistan" -- Preachers -- Recruitment -- Covenant of security -- 2. Scope and modus operandi. Scope of plots -- Modus Operandi -- 3. The Algeria factor (1994-2000). GIA -- Emirs and radicalization -- The France attacks -- Building cells -- Mixed motives -- 4. Towards global jihad in Europe (2000-3) -- Global jihad kicks off -- From support network to terrorist cell -- Frankfurt cell -- The network of Djamel Beghal -- Tawhid -- Chechen network -- 5. The Iraq effect (2003-5) -- The new generation -- Injustices against Islam -- Jihadism behind bars -- Al-Qaida's plans for Iraq -- Drumming for jihad in Europe -- Recruitment for the Iraqi jihad -- M-11 ; Hofstadgroup -- 6. The Pakistan axis (2004-6) -- Pakistani jihadis and al-Qaida -- The UK-Pakistan trail -- Waziristan and Europe plots -- Crawley group -- 7/7 -- Airliner plot -- 7. The northern front (2005-8) -- Cartoons -- "Al-Qaida in Northern Europe" -- Glasvej -- Suitcase bombers -- Sauerland cell -- Doctors' cell -- 8. Decentralization (2008-10) -- Continued threat from Af-Pak -- Single-actors on the rise -- 9. A heterogeneous threat (2011-15) -- Syria and the new generation -- Reciprocal radicalization -- The Syria effect -- Al-Qaida still in the game -- Soldier killers -- Targeting anti-Islam -- Blowback -- Full circle : the attacks on Charlie Hebdo.

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