Book:Army extension courses. Special text. Book Army extension courses. Special text.
Army extension courses. Special text.
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Each course has an individual title on a specific military science topic. Some titles were prepared to be used by various U.S. military schools for training purposes.
Some numbers issued in revised editions.
Extent: no. : ill. ; 24 cm.
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No.1. Administration -- no.3. Mess management -- no.4. Map reading, infantry -- no.5. Organization of infantry -- no.6. Troop movements and shelter -- no.7. Scouting and patrolling --no.8. Weapons and musketry -- no.9. Defenseive combat and organization of the ground -- no.11. Offensive combat of small infantry units -- no.12. Combat orders-infantry -- no.12-160. Common subcourse effective Army writing -- no.13. Special operations infantry: combat at night, raids, combat in woods -- no.14. Tank operations -- no.15. Tactics and technique of infantry in offensive combat -- no.16. Tactics and technique of infantry and associated arms -- no.18. Military discipline, courtesies and customs of the service -- no.19. Military sanitation and first aid -- no.19-153. Civil disturbances I -- no.19-163. Civil disturbances II -- no.21. Military law: the law of military offenses -- no.24. Defense against chemical warfare -- no.25. Coast artillery weapons and materiel -- no.26. Gunnery, fire control, and position finding for antiaircraft artillery -- no.28. Tactics and technique for seacoast artillery -- no.29. Organization of the Coast Artillery Corps -- no.32. Fire control and position finding for seacoast artillery -- no.34. Tactics and technique for Antiaircraft Artillery -- no.35. Gunnery for Seacoast Artillery -- no.37. Field fortifications for Coast Artillery -- no.52. Combat orders and solution of problems: medical -- no.50. Medical Department administration -- no.51. Dental administration -- no.54. Elementary military sanitation -- no.55. Training management, Medical Dept. -- no.56. Organization and employment of the Medical Service, Infantry and Cavalry Divisions -- no.57. Medical aspects of chemical warfare -- no.58. Veterinary sanitation -- no.59. Sanitation of camps and stations -- no.60. Organization and employment of the Veterinary Service, Infantry and Cavalry Divisions -- no.61. Organization of the Medical Department --
no.70. Coordination between the procuring and paying agencies of the Army -- no.71. Public funds -- no.72. Statement of money accountability -- no.76. Intelligence documents -- no.88. Organization of the Field Artillery -- no.92. Field Artillery signal communication; signal agencies -- no.94. Tactics and technique of the associated arms -- no.97. Field artillery signal communication, technical communication -- no.98. Tactical employment of field artillery -- no.99. Field aritllery training -- no.101. Abbreviated firing tables : the 75-mm. gun, model of 1897 (French) and the 155-mm. howitzer (Schneider) model of 1918 -- no. 102. Field artillery fire-control instruments -- no. 103. Abbreviated firing tables : the 75-mm. gun, M1897, M1897A1, M1897A2, M1897A3, M1897A4, and M2, and, the 155-mm howitzer, M1917, M1917A1, M1918, and M1918A1 -- no. 120. The engineer separate battalion -- no.154. Arsenal organization and administration -- no.165. Elementary military cryptography -- no.179. Command, staff, and logistics - Infantry --
no.201. Organization of the Adjutant General's Department -- no.203. Duties of a division Adjutant General during mobilization and demobilization of the division -- no.204. Duties of a division Adjutant General during movement and field operations -- no.205. Classification of enlisted personnel -- no.227. Organization of the Army -- no.228. Supply -- no.229. Industrial mobilization: procurement of munitions-Office of the Asst. SecWar -- no.231. Signal communication for all arms and services -- no.255. Combat principles, the cavalry rifle squad and platoon, mounted and dismounted -- no.266. Infantry in offensive combat -- no.270. Care and operation of motor vehicles -- no.303. Transportation, rail -- [Unnumbered] 1957. New operation order format.

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