Book:The military strategy of global jihad / Sarah E. Zabel.:2007. Book The military strategy of global jihad / Sarah E. Zabel.
The military strategy of global jihad / Sarah E. Zabel.
Author: Zabel, Sarah E 1965-
Associated Name: Army War College (U.S.). Strategic Studies Institute.
Publication year: 2007.
Language: English
Call Number U413.C2 Z11 2007
Media class: Book
Publisher: Carlisle, PA : Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College
ISBN: 1584873140 9781584873143
"October 2007."
Issued previously as a Strategy Research Project.
Series title: Carlisle papers in security strategy
Extent: v, 18 p. ; 28 cm.
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America entered the Global War on Terrorism with little understanding of the enemy it faced. AI-Qaeda plays a leading role in the larger movement of global jihad, a splinter faction of militant Islamism intent on establishing its vision of strict Islamic rule in the Muslim world through armed action. Global jihadis have spent more than 40 years refining their philosophy, gaining experience, building their organization, and developing plans to reestablish what they see as the only true Islamic state on earth. The September 11, 2001 (9/11) attacks set this plan in motion. In the years leading up to and following the 9/11 attacks, global jihadis have written copiously on their military strategy for creating an Islamic state. This paper draws on those writings to examine and explain the mechanisms by which they plan to neutralize the superpower guardian of world order, claim land and peoples for Islamic emirates out of the resulting chaos, and bring these emirates together to become a true Islamic state. Their writings also expose weaknesses in their strategy, and this paper explores some of those potential vulnerabilities as well.
What is a global jihad? -- Democracy vs. God's sovereignty -- History of global jihad -- Global jihad political goad -- Global jihad strategy -- A historical perspective -- Conclusion.

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