Book:Counterinsurgency in modern warfare / editors, Daniel Marston, Carter Malkasian.:2008. Book Counterinsurgency in modern warfare / editors, Daniel Marston, Carter Malkasian.
Counterinsurgency in modern warfare / editors, Daniel Marston, Carter Malkasian.
Associated Name: Marston, Daniel.
Associated Name: Malkasian, Carter, 1975-
Publication year: 2008.
Language: English
Call Number U241 .C663 2008 ; U241 .C57 2008
Media class: Book
Publisher: Oxford ;New York : Osprey
ISBN: 9781846032813 1846032814
Extent: 304 p. : ill., maps ; 24 cm.
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Through history armies of occupation and civil power have been repeatedly faced with the challenges of insurgency. US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan has highlighted this form of conflict in the modern world. Armies, sometimes reluctantly, have had to adopt new doctrines and tactics to deal with the problems of insurgency and diverse counterinsurgency strategies have been developed. These have ranged from conventional military operations to a combination of military and political strategy including propaganda, Psy-Ops, and other approaches. In this book, each of the contributors examine developments in counterinsurgency from the early 20th century to the present. Each author discusses in depth the conduct and outcomes of operations across the globe, including the Arab-Israeli conflict, Afghanistan and Iraq, and draws out the lessons to be learned from them. This book is a timely, serious yet accessible survey of a critical facet of modern warfare and present-day global conflict.
In aid of the civil power : Britain, Ireland, and Palestine 1916-48 / Charles Townshend -- Counterinsurgency in the Philippines / Anthony James Joes -- The first of the banana wars : US marines in Nicaragua 1909-12 / Bruce Gudmundsson -- Few carrots and a lot of sticks : German anti-partisan warfare in World War Two / Peter Lieb -- French imperial warfare 1945-62 / Douglas Porch -- From search and destroy to hearts and minds : the evolution of British strategy in Malaya 1948-60 / Richard Stubbs -- Counterinsurgency in Vietnam : American organizational culture and learning / John A. Nagl -- Red wolves and British lions : the conflict in Aden / Jonathan Walker -- Britain's longest war : Northern Ireland 1967-2007 / Richard Iron -- Countering the Chimurenga : the Rhodesian counterinsurgency campaign 1962-80 / J.R.T. Wood -- The Israel defense forces and the Al-Aqsa Intifada : when tactical virtuosity meets strategic disappointment / Sergio Catignani -- Lessons in 21st-century counterinsurgency : Afghanistan 2001-07 / Daniel Marston -- Counterinsurgency in Iraq : May 2003-January 2007 / Cater Malkasian.

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