Book:Asia inside out : connected places / edited by Eric Tagliacozzo, Helen F. Siu, Peter C. Perdue.:2015. Book Asia inside out : connected places / edited by Eric Tagliacozzo, Helen F. Siu, Peter C. Perdue.
Asia inside out : connected places / edited by Eric Tagliacozzo, Helen F. Siu, Peter C. Perdue.
Associated Name: Tagliacozzo, Eric, editor.
Associated Name: Siu, Helen F., editor.
Associated Name: Perdue, Peter C., 1949-
Publication year: 2015.
Language: English
Call Number DS5.9 .A74 2015
Media class: Book
Publisher: Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674967687 0674967682
Extent: vii, 418 pages : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm
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"Asia Inside Out : Connected Places reveals the dynamic forces that have historically linked regions of the world's largest continent, stretching from Japan and Korea to the South China Sea, Indian Ocean, and the Middle East. This volume highlights the transregional flows of goods, ideas, and people across natural and political boundaries--sea routes, delta ecologies, and mountain passes, ports and oasis towns, imperial capitals and postmodern cities. It challenges the conventional idea that defined geopolitical regions as land-based, state-centered, and possessing linear histories. Exploring themes of maritime connections, mobile landscapes, and spatial movements, the authors examine significant sites of linkage and disjuncture from the early modern period to the present. The chapters reveal how eighteenth-century pirates shaped the interregional networks of Vietnam's Tonkin Gulf, how Kashmiri merchants provided intelligence of remote Himalayan territories to competing empires, and how for centuries a vibrant trade in horses and elephants fueled the Indian Ocean economy. Other topics investigated include cultural formations in the Pearl River delta, global trade in Chittagong's transformation, gendered homemaking among mobile Samurai families, border zones in Qing China and contemporary Burma, colonial spaces linking India and Mesopotamia, transnational marriages in Oman's immigrant populations, new cultural spaces in Korean Pop, and the unexpected adoption of the Latin script by ethnically Chinese Muslims in Central Asia. The book shows the constant fluctuations over many centuries in the making of Asian territories and illustrates the confluence of factors in the historical construction of place and space"--Provided by publisher.
Introduction: Spatial assemblages / Helen F. Siu, Eric Tagliacozzo, and Peter C. Perdue -- Placing the "Chinese pirates" of the Gulf of Tongking at the end of the eighteenth century / Charles Wheeler -- The original translocal society : making Chaolian from land and sea / Helen F. Siu and Liu Zhiwei -- Spatial moments : Chittagong in four scenes / Willem van Schendel -- War and charisma : horses and elephants in the Indian Ocean economy / Alan Mikhail -- Homemaking as placemaking : women in elite households in early modern Japan and late imperial China / Marcia Yonemoto -- Crossing borders in imperial China / Peter C. Perdue -- Kashmiri merchants and Qing intelligence networks in the Himalayas : the Ahmed Ali case of 1830 / Matthew W. Mosca -- Circulations via Tangyang, a town in the northern Shan state of Burma / Chang Wen-Chin -- Turning space into place : British India and the invention of Iraq / Priya Satia -- Marriage, citizenship, and the production of place in southern Arabia / Mandana E. Limbert -- Romanization without Rome : China's Latin new script and Soviet Central Asia / Jing Tsu -- Riding the wave : Korea's economic growth and Asia in the modern development era / Park Bun Soon -- The circulation of Korean pop : soft power and inter-Asia conviviality / Whang Soon Hee.

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