Book:America's addiction to terrorism / Henry A. Giroux.:[2016] Book America's addiction to terrorism / Henry A. Giroux.
America's addiction to terrorism / Henry A. Giroux.
Author: Giroux, Henry A
Publication year: [2016]
Language: English
Call Number HN59.2 .G5557 2016
Media class: Book
Publisher: New York : Monthly Review Press
ISBN: 9781583675700 1583675701 9781583675717 158367571X
Extent: 288 pages ; 21 cm
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"In the United States today, the term 'terrorism' conjures up images of dangerous, outside threats: religious extremists and suicide bombers in particular. Harder to see but all the more pervasive is the terrorism perpetuated by the United States, itself, whether through military force overseas or woven into the very fabric of society at home. Henry Giroux, in this passionate and incisive book, turns the conventional wisdom on terrorism upside down, demonstrating how fear and lawlessness have become organizing principles of life in the United States, and violence an acceptable form of social mediation. He addresses the most pressing issues of the moment, from officially sanctioned torture to militarized police forces to austerity politics. Giroux also examines the ongoing degradation of the education system and how young people in particular suffer its more nefarious outcomes. Against this grim picture, Giroux posits a politics of hope and a commitment to accurate|and radical|historical memory"--Publisher's website.
America's addiction to torture -- Terrorizing the self : selfie culture in the age of corporate and state surveillance -- Death-dealing politics in the age of extreme violence -- Class warfare and the advance of austerity policies under the new authoritarianism -- Racism, violence, and militarized terror in the age of disposability -- The fire this time : black youth and the spectacle of post-racial violence -- Higher education under siege and the promise of insurgent public memory -- Academic terrorism, exile, and the possibility of classroom grace -- Barbarians at the gates : authoritarianism and the assault of public education -- Hollywood heroism in the age of empire : from Citizenfour and Selma to American sniper -- Hiroshima, intellectuals, and the crisis of terrorism -- Flipping the script : rethinking working-class resistance in the age of terrorism.

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