Book:America's political dynasties from Adams to Clinton / Stephen Hess.:[2016] Book America's political dynasties from Adams to Clinton / Stephen Hess.
America's political dynasties from Adams to Clinton / Stephen Hess.
Author: Hess, Stephen
Associated Name: Hess, Stephen.
Publication year: [2016]
Language: English
Call Number E176 .H59 2016
Media class: Book
Publisher: Washington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press
ISBN: 9780815727088 0815727089
Extent: xii, 760 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
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"America was founded in rebellion against nobility and inherited status. Yet from the start, dynastic families have been conspicuous in national politics. The Adamses. The Lodges. The Tafts. The Roosevelts. The Kennedys. And today the Bushes and the Clintons. In this thoroughly revised and updated edition of his bestselling work, longtime presidential historian Stephen Hess offers an encyclopedic tour of the families that have loomed large over America's political history. Starting with John Adams, who served as the young nation's first vice president and earned the nickname "His Rotundity," Hess paints the portraits of the men and women who, by coincidence, connivance, or sheer sense of duty, have made up America's political elite. There are the well-known dynasties such as the Roosevelts and the Kennedys, and the names that live on only in history books, such as the Bayards (six generations of U.S. senators) and the Breckinridges (a vice president, two senators, and six representatives). Hess fills the pages of America's Political Dynasties with anecdotes and personality-filled stories of the families who have given the United States more than a fair share of its presidents, senators, governors, ambassadors, and cabinet members. This new edition also tells us the stories of the Bushes and what looks to be a political dynasty in waiting, the Clintons. And emblematic of America's growing diversity, Hess examines how women, along with ethnic and racial minorities, have joined the ranks of dynastic political families. The Constitution states that "no title of nobility shall be granted by the United States." Yet, as Stephen Hess has written, it seems political nobility is as American as apple pie." --
The dynastic impulse -- The Adams dynasty -- The Lee dynasty -- The Livingston dynasty -- The Washburn dynasty -- The Muhlenberg dynasty -- The Roosevelt dynasty -- The Harrison dynasty -- The Breckinridge dynasty -- The Bayard dynasty -- The Taft dynasty -- The Frelinghuysen dynasty -- The Tucker dynasty -- The Stockton dynasty -- The Long dynasty -- The Lodge dynasty -- The Kennedy dynasty -- The Bush dynasty -- The Clinton dynasty -- Ending in mid-sentence.

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