Book:Global flashpoints 2016 / editors, Craig Cohen, Melissa Dalton.:[2016] Book Global flashpoints 2016 / editors, Craig Cohen, Melissa Dalton.
Global flashpoints 2016 / editors, Craig Cohen, Melissa Dalton.
Associated Name: Cohen, Craig, editor.
Associated Name: Dalton, Melissa, editor.
Associated Name: Center for Strategic and International Studies (Washington, D.C.), publisher.
Publication year: [2016]
Language: English
Call Number JZ5588 .G56 2016
Media class: Book
Publisher: Washington, DC : Center for Strategic & International Studies ;Lanham, MD : Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9781442251885 1442251883 9781442251892 1442251891
Extent: ix, 168 pages ; 23 cm
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"Maintaining international security and pursuing American interests is more difficult now than perhaps at any time in history. The security environment that the United States faces is more complex, dynamic, and difficult to predict. At the same time, no domestic consensus exists on the purposes of American power and how best to pursue them. The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) looks ahead in this annual volume at the 'flashpoints' that will likely arise in 2016, how best to deal with them, and what lasting effects they might leave for the next American administration and its allies around the world"--Back cover.
Introduction / Craig Cohen -- I. Geostrategy. Reconnecting of Asia / John J. Hamre -- II. U.S. strategy. America's changing role in the world / Kathleen H. Hicks -- Seeking the right strategy for our time / Michael J. Green -- The challenge to U.S. leadership / James A. Lewis -- III. Middle East. ISIS (re)writes history / Jon B. Alterman -- Wanted : a U.S. strategy for Syria and Iraq / Melissa G. Dalton -- Iran after the agreement / Anthony H. Cordesman -- U.S.-Israel ties after the agreement / Haim Malka -- IV. Russia, Europe, and Eurasia. Putin's Europe / Heather A. Conley -- Inside the Kremlin / Olga Oiker -- A NATO strategy for the eastern flank / Jeffrey Rathke -- Sino-Russian cooperation / Jeffrey Mankoff -- V. Northeast, Southeast, and South Asia. Reform cold, politics hot : President Xi Jinping at mid-term / Christopher K. Johnson -- Economic consequences of China's slowdown / Scott Kennedy -- Geopolitical consequences of China's slowdown / Bonnie S. Glaser and Matthew Funaiole -- Beyond TPP : shaping an economic strategy in Asia / Ernest Z. Bower, Matthew P. Goodman, and Scott Miller -- Interested in India's geopolitical future? Look to its states / Richard M. Rossow -- North Korean vulnerability / Victor Cha and Lisa Collins -- VI. Africa. Rising Africa faces a critical test / Jennifer G. Cooke -- Terrorism in sub-Saharan Africa / Thomas M. Sanderson -- VII. Inside the Pentagon. Fiscal futures, U.S. forces, and strategic choices / Mark Cancian and Todd Harrison -- The battle over how to save defense acquisition / Andrew Hunter -- VIII. Evolving threats and capabilities. Space and security / an interview with Sean O'Keefe -- Nuclear deterrence in a disordered world / Rebecca K.C. Hersman -- The need for global zero / Sharon Squassoni -- Missile defense and deterrence / Thomas Krako -- Disrupting the cyber status quo / Denise E. Zheng -- IX. Energy and security. Implications of sustained low oil prices / Frank A. Verrastro -- Implications of a low-carbon
future / Sarah O. Ladislaw -- Efficacy of sanctions against energy-producing countries / Edward C. Chow -- X. Human rights, human security, and public diplomacy. Responding to the closing of democratic space / Shannon N. Green -- Soft power and security / Daniel F. Runde -- After the Ebola catastrophe / J. Stephen Morrison -- Food insecurity, conflict, and stability / Kimberly Flowers -- Normalization and human rights in Cuba / Carl Meacham -- Winning the war of ideas / Farah Pandith and Juan Zarate.

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