Book:Political parties and the Constitution / by Michael Les Benedict.:2015. Book Political parties and the Constitution / by Michael Les Benedict.
Political parties and the Constitution / by Michael Les Benedict.
Author: Benedict, Michael Les
Publication year: 2015.
Language: English
Call Number JK2261 .B447 2015
Media class: Book
Publisher: Washington, D.C. : American Historical Association
ISBN: 9780872290426 0872290425
"Sponsored by the Institute for Constitutional History at the New-York Historical Society and the George Washington University Law School."
Series title: New essays on American constitutional history
Extent: ix, 77 pages ; 22 cm.
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"... elements of the American constitutional system, even constitutional law, are products of constutional politics -- the way in which people promoting and protecting their interests make constitutional arguments to secure their goals, and the way others respond to them. Constitutional politcs are shaped and constrained by the institutions to which they are addressed and through which they are articulated. Political parties are among the most important of those institutions. They have played a critical part in this process. In fact, our parties first organized over disagreements about what the Constitution meant. Constitutional issues remained at the heart of party differences through much of the nineteenth century, and differences over constitutional interpretation remain important markers of party identification today. At the same time, the Constitution has affected the organization and practice of political parties ... The following essay surveys the origins of political parties in the United States and the Founders' attitudes toward them (Chapters I and II); the way parties articulated rival constitutional principles afterward (Chapter III); other functions that parties have served in the constitutional system (Chapter IV); and the way the Constitution has influenced the development, organization, and regulation of parties (Chapter V)"--Introduction.
The Founders and the evil of parties -- The persistence of party : Federalists and Jeffersonian Republicans -- Political parties and constitutional politics -- Other constitutional functions of political parties -- The influence of the Constitution on political parties -- Epilogue : political parties and the Constitution.

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