Book:History of Greece / by George Grote.:1851-[1856]. Book History of Greece / by George Grote.
History of Greece / by George Grote.
Author: Grote, George 1794-1871.
Publication year: 1851-[1856].
Language: English
Call Number DF214 .G76 1851
Media class: Book
Publisher: Boston ;New York : John P. Jewett and Co. : Harper & Brothers
"Reprinted from the second London edition"--V. 1-4.
"Reprinted from the London edition"--V. 5-12.
Set is missing plates of illustrations and some maps.
Volumes 9-12 originally published in the United States by Harper & Brothers.
Rare Book. Does not circulate.
Extent: 12 v. : ill., maps ; 20 cm.
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"The history of Greece falls most naturally into six compartments, of which the first may be looked at as a period of preparation for the five following... I. Period from 776 B.C. to 560 B.C., the accession of Peisistratus at Athens and of Crocsus in Lydia; II. From the accession of Peisistratus and Crocsus to the repulse of Xerxes from Greece; III. From the repulse of Xerxes to the close of the Peloponnesian War and overthrow of Athens; IV. From the Battle of Leuktra to that of Chaeroncia; and V. From the Battle of Chaeroncia to the end of the generation of Alexander"--Pref.
v. 1-2., pt.1. Legendary Greece -- pt. 2 Grecian history to the reign of Peisistratus at Athens -- v. 3-4. pt. 2. Continuation of historical Greece -- v. 5-6. From the Battle of Marathon to the peace of Nikias, D.C. 400-421 -- v. 7-12. Continuation of historical Greece.

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