Book:Contextualising Jihadi thought / Jeevan Deol, Zaheer Kazmi, editors.:c2011. Book Contextualising Jihadi thought / Jeevan Deol, Zaheer Kazmi, editors.
Contextualising Jihadi thought / Jeevan Deol, Zaheer Kazmi, editors.
Associated Name: Deol, Jeevan.
Associated Name: Kazmi, Zaheer.
Publication year: c2011.
Language: English
Call Number BP182 .C65 2011
Media class: Book
Publisher: New York : Columbia University Press
ISBN: 9780231702546 023170254X
Extent: xii, 413 p. ; 23 cm.
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"Departing from the traditional security studies approaches that have characterized so much research in this area ... [this book] bridges existing disciplines and fields of study to create a framework for understanding jihadi movements, ideologies, intellectual histories, political engagements, and changing geographies. Contributors work in a range of specializations -- including history, anthropology, political science, diplomacy, and religious studies -- and conduct thorough, detailed analyses of jihadism and its impact in Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Southeast Asia, and Europe. Edited by a scholar and an experienced diplomat, this volume balances theory and practice with unprecedented skill"--Dust jacket.
Introduction : Jihadi worlds / Jeevan Deol and Zaheer Kazmi -- Global visions. Global Jihadism, subalternity and urban Islam in the West / Peter Mandaville -- Al-Qaeda as just warriors : Osama Bin Laden's case for war / Alia Brahimi -- "Listen, plan and carry out 'al-Qa'ida" : theological dissension in Osama Bin Laden's former audiocassette collection / Flagg Miller -- Jihadi ideology in the new-media environment / Akil N. Awan -- The struggle within. Post-Jihadism and the ideological revisions of armed Islamists / Omar Ashour -- "Seceders" and "postponers"? : an analysis of the "Khawarij" and "Murji'a" labels in polemical debates between Quietist and Jihadi-Salafis / Joas Wagemakers -- Saudi Arabia's war on terrorism : combatting passions, ignorance and deviation / Roel Meijer -- British by dissent : alternatives to Jihadi narratives of identity, belonging and violence among Muslims in Britain / Tufyal Choudhury -- Jihad in the world. Critical reflections on the relationship between ideology and behaviour / Jeroen Gunning -- Jihadi violence in Yemen : dealing with local, regional and international contingencies / Laurent Bonnefoy -- Joining Al-Shabaab in Somalia / Roland Marchal -- Attacking Mumbai / Faisal Devji -- Indonesian Jihadi thinking / Greg Fealy and Ken Ward -- Responding to the Taliban : comparative perspectives from Northern Afghanistan and Pakistan / Magnus Marsden -- The Taliban and nationalist militancy in Afghanistan / Robert D. Crews -- Pashtun and Punjabi Taliban : the Jihadi-sectarian nexus / Mariam Abou Zahab.

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