Book:Free trade / edited by Jennifer Peloso ; editorial advisor Lynn M. Messina.:2005. Book Free trade / edited by Jennifer Peloso ; editorial advisor Lynn M. Messina.
Free trade / edited by Jennifer Peloso ; editorial advisor Lynn M. Messina.
Associated Name: Peloso, Jennifer.
Associated Name: Messina, Lynn.
Publication year: 2005.
Language: English
Call Number HF1713 .F62 2005
Media class: Book
Publisher: [New York] : H. W. Wilson
ISBN: 0824210476
Includes Preface by Jennifer Peloso.
Series title: Reference shelf v. 77, no. 2
Extent: x, 182 p. : charts ; 26 cm.
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I. Overview of free trade and NAFTA. Free trade / Wikipedia -- Free trade on trial / Economist -- Connect the markets / Alan M. Field -- Annan, Silva call for using free trade to raise global living standards / Alan Clendenning -- What can we do? / Geographical Magazine. -- II. NAFTA's effects on industry and jobs. Integrating the North American steel market / Hans Mueller -- Time to bury the hatchet / Economist -- NAFTA contributing to car industry success / Katherine Yung -- NAFTA's impacts on U.S. agriculture : trade & beyond / Steven Zahniser -- NAFTA sprouts Mexico woe / Hugh Dellios -- Symposium : Has NAFTA been a good deal for the average worker? / Daniel T. Griswold, William R. Hawkins -- Economists see NAFTA as being beneficial for U.S. jobs / Christopher Swann -- Mexico : was NAFTA worth it? / Geri Smith, Cristina Lindblad -- What happened when two countries liberalized trade? : pain, then gain / Virginia Postrel. -- III. FTAs with Latin America. U.S. officials focusing on smaller free trade agreements / Brian Stempeck -- Hemispheric trade zone stumbles / Danna Harman -- Offshoring closer to home / Roger Morton -- EU-Mercosur Trade Deal crashes on the rocks of tariffs / Mario de Queiroz -- Still taking root / Matthew Brayman. --
IV. FTAs around the world. U.S. eyes free trade treaties in Gulf / Jeffrey Sparshott -- New trade pact could cut clout of U.S. in Asia / Evelyn Iritani -- Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand sign on for free trade talks with ASEAN / Ian Mader -- APEC members differ over route to free trade / Heda Bayron. -- V. The broader impact of FTAs. Why FTAs are bad for the poor / Jakkrit Kuanpoth -- In defence of FTAs / Jim Mendenhall -- The FTAA and the world / David Fleshler -- Why are some trade agreements "greener" than others? / Venna Dubal et al. -- Paying for NAFTA / Kevin P. Gallagher --Truckers worry about equal requirements / Richard Benke -- Workers say rights denied as firms threaten to pull out / Susan Ferriss -- Women's Edge Coalition's new study demonstrates that NAFTA has hurt poor women in Mexico, FTAA will make it worse / U.S. Newswire. -- VI. The future of FTAs and NAFTA. Walkout shadows free trade's future / Paul Blustein -- North American partnership inevitable / Perrin Beatty -- South American leaders to set goal of EU-like union / Tyler Bridges -- Groups defend California's right to protect public health / U.S. Newswire.

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