Book:The CEO's strategy handbook / Stuart Cross.:c2011. Book The CEO's strategy handbook / Stuart Cross.
The CEO's strategy handbook / Stuart Cross.
Author: Cross, Stuart
Publication year: c2011.
Language: English
Call Number HD30.28 .C76 2011
Media class: Book
Publisher: Cranbrook : Global Professional Pub
ISBN: 9781906403669 190640366X
Includes index.
Extent: 205 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
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There are many books on strategy, but very few focus on helping the CEO fulfill their role in leading strategy in their organization. The CEO's Strategy Handbook will give CEOs and senior executives provocative insights and pragmatic advice to setting strategy, leading the strategy process and turning winning strategies into great results. The term "strategy" has, with the help of consultants and academics, developed a mystique that makes it sound difficult, complicated and only for people with an IQ greater than 150. This book aims to smash through this misconception and show CEOs that strategy is a critical element in improving the performance of their business and is a straightforward, and even enjoyable, process that they can feel confident in mastering. The fundamentals to great strategy and effective implementation remain the same. Setting a clear direction, rigorously identifying and pursuing opportunities where the organization has competitive advantages, combined with an ability to make trade-offs, focus on priorities, communicate the bigger picture and drive accountabilities are ways in which the CEO can make a strategy come to life and deliver dramatic and sustainable success. This book shows CEOs how they can make this happen in their organization. It will include case studies, self-tests, interviews with leading CEOs, charts, frameworks and action plans to help bring the ideas alive for readers.
Strategy and the CEO : remember you're on the bridge, not in the engine room -- Strategy's seven fatal flaws : why strategy gets a bad name and what to do about it -- Creating a strategy with cut-through : from empty clichés to a clear direction -- Where on earth are you heading? : a little analysis can go a long way : a lot of analysis can quickly get you lost! -- Nothing fails like success : why you must be focused on driving growth -- Bringing your high-level strategy down to earth : preparing for ground-level success -- The last 98% of success : like the French Revolution, it's all about execution -- Are you pulling together or pulling apart? : which came first, the chicken or the strategy? -- Accelerating growth through alliances and acquisition : As the U2 song goes, "Sometimes you can't make it on your own" -- A strategy is not just for Christmas : turning strategy into a way of life.

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